Substructure Design

Building on nearly 60 years of Structural Engineering excellence, we deliver the very best Substructure Design service in Australia. Our techniques have been presented as Masterclasses at Engineers Australia and the Concrete Institute of Australia and are recognised as state-of-the-art. We have completed over 20 successful commissions.

Accelerated project completion dates

Our evolution of top-down construction design enables above and below ground construction simultaneously, delivering projects consistently earlier than conventional building techniques - ready for tenancy, sale and trade.

Reduced overall project costs

With substantial reduction in material use and formwork over conventional methods, we deliver great capital savings alongside substantial reductions in holding costs. These savings have made projects viable to construct by meeting overall finance caps.

Provide best in class function beneath the water table

Our designs minimise dampness and water ingress risks. Our system uses a unique combination joint design and material knowledge to create best in class waterproofing even far below the water table. This is achieved without the use of a vapour barrier or a waterproofing membrane. 

Eliminated anchoring, propping, and sheet piling

Our systems remove the requirement for disruptive and costly measures that damage neighbouring properties.

Buildable in sensitive locations

With a proven track record of delivering on sites co-located with Heritage buildings, we enable you to use innovative and effective designs others deem “unbuildable” or risk laden. Substructure creation becomes possible in crowded urban locations without danger to surrounding buildings, roads and accessways.

Maximise use of available space

Our substructures can be built right up to the underground boundary creating optimum use of the available space, without intrusion above or below ground on neighbouring properties.

Narrow and efficient internal columns

Our Patented Piles to Pillars system achieves perfectly straight, narrow steel columns with full sized piles continuing to extend beneath the bottom slab. They maximise the usable space in the basement while providing full structural support for both substructures and superstructures. We consistently achieve full load bearing pillars that are only 300 – 400 millimetres thick that are optimised for fire protection without cladding.

Innovative building potential

Our systems create spaces suitable for purposes ranging from shops and cafes, sports and entertainment or other commercial purposes – making unique buildings that are highly attractive to clients, such as the State Theatre Centre of WA, winner of Best Engineering Project in Australia in the year of completion.

Minimised construction footprint

All excavation can occur within the footprint of the building and under a concrete cover. This further eliminates vibrations and reduces traffic, dust, noise and other disturbances during the creation of your project.

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