Subi XO
(500 Hay Street)

This $100M prestige project in the heart of the historic Subiaco district comprises of a 9 storey hotel with theatres beneath; a 6 storey, 2,500m2 office building. 

The site was bounded at the west side by the existing iiNet building, south by Hay Street, east by Alvin Street and north by Railway Parade and construction access proved challenging. Disruption of essential services to the entire City of Perth from excavation was a distinct possibility.

Advanced Substructures' top-down construction design provided a 3 level (including a double storey level for truck access) below ground car-park with 371 bays, that was able to be excavated at a time that suited the construction and access schedules with minimal impact on the surrounding district.

Key Challenges

Existing area issues with on-street parking and access meant extensive underground parking was required for construction of the project to be permitted

Structural requirements for thick retaining walls and other elements of traditional designs limited possible space for car parking bays and made the project unviable
Impact of construction on adjoining buildings & services

Impact of construction on roads

Impact of construction on trading of retailers in area

Advanced Substructures delivered

Ability to construct underground areas over three levels up to the boundaries of the property delivered greatly expanded parking facilities making project viable

No impact on surrounding buildings and services

No impact on service routes and roads

No impact on surrounding retailers and workers during construction