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From nearly 60 years of Engineering excellence, Advanced Substructures delivers the very best substructure designs in Australia.
Here are some of the industry leading techniques we use on ground-breaking and award-winning projects.
We provide the detail design other Engineering firms leave out, providing documentation that you can build directly from.

Top Down Construction

One of our key techniques for accelerating construction, reducing cost and materials use, and creating the best use of spaces above and below ground, even in sensitive or access restricted areas.

Here is how it works : 

Cost and Time Savings

We have completed a fully costed study showing our techniques save

up to 38% on construction costs and a minimum of 13% build time over conventional methods for a single level, 144 bay underground car park.  More details are in the brochure (click on the red button) : 


Piles to Pillars

We consistently achieve thinner visible pillars through this technique, maximising the usable space for parking or any other application while providing the full structural support of the extended concrete pile beneath the bottom slab.

It works by (see left, below) :

1.     Encasing a steel corseted central pillar within the concrete pile at the same time that the top-down construction retention structures are cast

2.     As the substructure is excavated, the concrete piles are revealed

3.     When the excavation to form the basement is completed, surplus concrete is debonded from the steel corset revealing the finished column

4.     Piles formed can be circular, rectilinear or square - and routinely measure around 350mm in diameter. 



Thinner rafts without footings

Our techniques minimise the thickness of the lowest level concrete raft by using post-tensioned concrete and our system of horizontal propping; which reduces the risk of cracking and leakage by the exothermic heating of concrete in the damp underground setting. 

Top-down construction enables the use of this technique.

The need for footings and formwork is significantly reduced by the use of retention structures and columns/piles cast prior to excavation.

Waterproofing without membrane

Unique to Advanced Substructures is our design that enables waterproofing of the substructure without the requirement of using a waterproofing membrane.  Waterproofing membranes have been shown to be largely ineffective in the prevention of ingress of waters into substructures at depth. 

Our system efficiently uses available material technologies to create a waterproof seal without this material, even far below the water table.

Our techniques yield significant :

  •   Capital cost savings

  •   Time savings due to simultaneous construction of substructure and superstructure

  •   Materials savings due to elimination of formwork, footings, column cladding and         other elements

  •   Increase in usable and saleable space

  •   Earnings improvement through earlier availability to tenants

Reduction of risk via

  • Proven design techniques, controlled operations and extensive quality measures

  • Minimised risk of leakage or cracking on wet sites

  • Minimised disturbance to adjoining properties due to soil movement or propping

  • Minimised traffic, dust and other environmental disruption to surrounding area as construction occurs under "lid" slab

  • Removal of excavation from critical path in construction

  • Elimination of need for a below-ground pit prior to superstructure construction

  • Removal of need for sheet piling or other temporary measures

  • Elimination of formwork from the ground level down

  • Substantial reduction of thickness and depth of retention structures required

  • Excavation is enabled on sites where tieback installation is not feasible and soil movement must be minimised

  • Reduction of concrete used (with reduced carbon footprint and cost savings)

Construction efficiencies include

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