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Advanced Substructures presents national conference paper

15 July 2021

Phil Airey, Director of Advanced Substructures Limited, will be presenting a national conference paper at Concrete 2021 called "Specialist to Detail : The Industry Gap in Substructures". Co-authored by Advanced Substructures Chairman Peter Airey, the paper examines the gap in Engineering found in current industry practice and what owners, developers and builders can do to protect themselves from some of the greatest risks caused by this gap with real-world examinations of successful and unsuccessful projects.

The presentation is intended to assist the industry to bridge the gap and promote awareness of a significant 
The conference is being held September 5 - 8 as a national online symposium, with the programming time for the session to be confirmed.  For more details and bookings, check the conference website at  

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Advanced Substructures project receives West coverage

Engineers Australia seminar now available

Chairman to present Engineers Australia seminar

27 November 2019

The presentation (including speech notes) of the Chairman of Advanced Substructures, Peter Airey from the seminar entitled “Ground retention and preventing undermining of adjacent structures” delivered on November 19, 2019 Engineers Australia’s Centenary program of knowledge sharing and Continual Professional Development is now available at this link.

We would like to thank Dr Doug Stewart of Golder Associates for co-presenting and Sean De Prazer of Engineers Australia for the invitation.

For more details contact or call 0455 060 384.

23 October 2019

Chairman of Advanced Substructures, Peter Airey, will be providing a seminar as part of Engineers Australia’s Centenary program of knowledge sharing and Continual Professional Development on November 19, 2019.  He will co-present the seminar, entitled “Ground retention and preventing undermining of adjacent structures”, with Dr Doug Stewart of Golder Associates.

The presentation combines their decades of combined expertise in structural and geotechnical engineering to provide attendees with a solid background in the requirements of ground retention design and construction. The presentation will use significant local case studies to highlight what happens when inadequate retention occurs versus what can be achieved with a suitable design process.

The presentation will also refer to the review of standard AS4678 (Earth Retaining Structures) that both Peter and Doug are currently participating in.  Peter’s knowledge and practice in the field of ground retention systems is nationally significant, and forms part of the core offering of the our company.

Highlights of areas covered in the presentation are:

  • Site investigation requirements for retaining structures

  • Temporary works required to facilitate installation of the retaining structure; or temporary retaining structures such as permeation grout blocks

  • Ground movements during installation of the retaining structure (e.g. prior to any bulk excavation)

  • Impact of ground movements on adjacent infrastructure

  • Monitoring requirements

  • Retention and construction systems for high-rise buildings (in wet and dry soils)

For more information, bookings and details, check the Engineers Australia website.

4 December 2019

Another Advanced Substructures project has hit the media - a showcase of the advanced design systems used for Niche Living's new Beaufort Street Inglewood apartment development. The project featured in the West's Property section today (pages 76-77).

Advanced Substructure's design has created an optimised underground space with more parking and storage space for each resident. While the article hones in on the lifestyle aspects of the project, our Engineering systems are being used to meet the challenges of the wet site, providing an optimised dewatering schedule and tight integration with the Heritage shopfront forming the South East corner of the site. Congratulations to Niche Living for your commitment to excellence and innovation on this project.

The project is anticipated to be delivered 10 weeks ahead of the former schedule using our evolution of top-down construction.


A copy of the article is here.

For more details contact Phil on 0455 060 384 or via email at

Advanced Substructures project in West Property News

Chairman to present at Concrete Institute masterclass

24 July, 2019

The forthcoming luxury apartment development at 8 Parker Street, South Perth, which will feature Advanced Substructure's basement designs, has today featured in The West Australian's Property section. The new development will feature a double basement, providing residents with 2 to 5 car parking bays and ample storage room.

Advanced Substructures were selected for the design of the substructure, and efficiencies in the design provided have permitted the development of additional habitable space, a core consideration to the revolutionary funding model mentioned by Architect, John Colliere.  Set to commence construction in 2020, the article provides more details on what will be a landmark development in the Perth property market.

For more details, contact or 0455 060 384.

18 July, 2019

Chairman of Advanced Substructures Limited Peter Airey will be presenting a seminar alongside PACT Construction's Steve Ball (Construction Manager) and GFWA's Tim Palmer (Managing Director) entitled "Piling, Basements and Foundations" for the Concrete Instute of Australia. The seminar will be conducted at the Mercure Hotel in Perth at 5:30 pm on Tuesday 13 August, 2019.

The creative team behind the National award winning Church House will examine the construction, design and technical innovations created to overcome challenges of one of the most difficult structural builds ever completed in Western Australia.  The presentation will examine the state-of-the art potential and techniques for substructure creation in sensitive, crowded and "wet" urban sites.

For more details and bookings, please use this flyer
or contact Sonya at the Concrete Institute of Australia on (08) 9389 4447 or

Further details about Church House are available on our website, or contact + 0455 060 384.

Chairman cited in 7News report on Elizabeth Quay towers

16 May, 2019

Chairman Peter Airey has recently been interviewed as a technical expert by 7News media on difficulties and water ingress experienced on newly completed apartment towers at Elizabeth Quay in Perth.

Text from the Published article in the West Australian newspaper (page 10, Thursday 16 May 2019) and the video interview are available here at this link.

For more details, contact or
08 9265 0400.


Chairman appointed Honorary Fellow of Engineers Australia

December 7, 2018 

It is with great pleasure we can inform you that the Founder and Chairman of Advanced Substructures Limited, Peter Airey, has been appointed an Honorary Fellow of Engineers Australia.

This lifetime achievement award recognises the work of eminent engineering professionals who have exhibited unmatched dedication to their disciplines. The appointment celebrates his contributions spanning a career of over 50 years, which has made a marked contribution to the built environment of Western Australia in particular. Peter received this Award on Thursday December 6, and can be seen (above) receiving the award from Hon Trish White, National President of Engineers Australia.


Engineers Australia note that recipients have rendered conspicuous service to the profession of engineering, are eminent in engineering or an allied science, or a distinguished person whom the Board desires to honour, either for having rendered conspicuous service to the Australian people or in recognition of outstanding achievement.


Peter has previously achieved national recognition from Engineers Australia in 1998 for his work on remediating structures damaged by clay-based movement (an innovation that led to the development of Claylock® and Retroclay®), and in 2011 as responsible Director of Airey Taylor Consulting, provided the complex structural design of the State Theatre Centre of WA, recognised as the Best Engineering project in Australia.


In 2018, Peter founded Advanced Substructures Limited to bring these practices to the national construction industry. He continues as Managing Director of Airey Taylor Consulting.

For more details, contact 


Chairman appointed to National Standards review

22 November 2018


We are pleased to announce that the Chairman of Advanced Substructures Limited, Peter Airey, has been appointed as a Consultant to the review committee for AS 4678 Earth Retaining Structures. Following nomination from the local President and Committee of Engineers Australia, Peter will bring his knowledge from decades of engineering design experience to enhance the standard of practice in the Australian construction industry.


Advanced Substructures Limited was launched from Peter's extensive design knowledge of foundations, substructures, and retaining structures. Some of his innovations have resulted in National Engineering Awards; including a National 1998 ACEA Award for his work on remediation of structures built upon clay-based soils (later resulting in the Claylock and Retroclay systems), and the Overall National Winner of the 2011 Engineers Australia Excellence Awards for his work on the complex structure of the State Theatre Centre of WA.  Further awards and accolades have followed for his projects with leading-edge foundation and substructure design.

His knowledge of retaining structures and designs are second-to-none in the Australian industry, and form a core part of the offering of Advanced Substructures Limited. Peter will be serving in an advisory capacity and bringing his decades of design experience to a well needed review of the Australian Standard, joining other leading authorities to ensure our nation's industry standards reflect current best practice.


For more information contact