21 Kintail Road

This attractive building at 21 Kintail Road in Applecross provides 2 levels of car parking and 4 levels of premium office space. It is built on a sloping site with an existing two storey building on the perimeter at one end of the building.

The core challenge in this project was meeting the Client’s financial investment limits, which was only possible through changing the construction from conventional open excavation to the ASL version of top down construction.  In partnership with the selected builder, this build was achieved with minimal stress and superb results, on-time and on budget. 

Key Challenges

Limited finance potential prevented commencement of project

Limited space for underground retaining structures prevented construction of the required number of car parking spaces to ensure building compliance

Impact of construction on vulnerable bordering 2 Storey House

Reduction of capital costs by $500,000; enabling delivery of project.

Piles to Pillars method limited the area used by retaining structures and provided the ability to build basement up to the boundaries of the property; delivering sufficient car parking spaces to make building compliant

No impact on bordering property

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