State Theatre Centre of WA

An iconic and multi-award winning structure, this project presented a highly complex challenge and Advanced Substructures received the National Engineering Award for Best Engineering in the year of completion. 

The site presented an extremely limited construction area, bordering the northside of the busy Northbridge horseshoe bridge intersection, with resulting noise and other impacts from road and rail traffic. The site was also flanked by Heritage listed buildings adjacent to the North and West side. There were also mandated height restrictions due to the location.

Due to these area restrictions and environmental factors, the design called for theatres and rehearsal rooms as substructures, including construction up to 8 metres below the water table.


Flanked by sensitive Heritage listed buildings


Numerous access restrictions due to district and roads

Proposed substructure extending up to 8 metres below water table into acid sulphate soils

Leakage prevention critical as extensive basement floor needed to resist 65Kpa uplift

Key Challenges

Engineers Australia National Excellence Awards 2011

Best Engineering

Engineers Australia (WA) Excellence Awards 2011
Best Small Company Project (“Redefining Structural Elegance”)


Master Builders Association (WA) Excellence Awards 2011

Best Government Building

Theatres delivered below water table


No leakage in extensive basement floor

Minimised dewatering during construction

Attractive, innovative substructure levels

No damage to Heritage surrounds

Advanced Substructures delivered