Advanced Substructures were approached for an alternative design for this 7 floor group of apartments with 2 levels of basements in the luxury location of East Perth.

Top down construction was used to remove the need for propping - reducing risk to neighbouring properties due to vibrational damage and excessive cantilevering of the retaining structure during construction.

Simultaneous construction of the superstructure was conducted until the 6th level was reached, following which point the pile caps were installed to support the final penthouse floor. With side access to the building, dry sandy soils and a build team keen to learn about top-down construction, conditions were very favourable for Advanced Substructures' systems.

Skye One

East Perth

Skye one seven 3.jpg
Skye One Seven 2.jpg

Key Challenges

Potential disruption of neighboring properties through substructure construction

First time build team for top-down construction methodology

General financial and time restraints of construction

skye one seven superstructure_edited.jpg

Advanced Substructures delivered


Completion of project in 60 weeks, ahead of 74 to 75 weeks anticipated

Structural cost savings of $720,000 on $13.6 million project

Expansion of substructure space by a usable 228 square metres due to Advanced Substructures designs 

Completed substructures without damage to neighbouring properties