Church House

Due to the existing design viewed as “unbuildable” by subcontractors, Advanced Substructures was contracted to redesign the 2½ full site basement levels for this prestige project with 6 storeys of superstructure at Perth's prestige Cathedral district.

The existing plans called for contiguous piling into water and sheet piling next to some of the most important Heritage buildings in Perth, a recipe for disaster for the project and its surrounds. Adding to the difficulty was the sloping site, construction access limited to the site footprint, limited laneway vehicle access, and the complex geometry of the architecture.

Key Challenges


Master Builders Association (National) Excellence Awards 2017 

Best Commercial/Industrial Building ($20M to $50M)

Master Builders Association (WA) Excellence Awards 2017
Best Office Building

Finalist - Best Project

Impact of construction on Heritage and vulnerable elements on three sides (including iconic St Georges Cathedral and Deanery buildings)

The proposed basement extended 3½ metres below the water table

Restrictive site access provided limited schedules and pathways to construction

Sloping site and complex architectural configuration

Impact of construction on busy retail district adding to environmental concerns

Perimeter walls built within 100mm of adjoining Heritage listed buildings without damage

Basement delivered 3 and a half meters below water table dry at time of completion

Shared access to neighbourhood laneway maintained during construction

All construction limited to site footprint

Project completed on time and under budget

Advanced Substructures delivered

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