We are specialist Substructure Engineers who design safer, faster, cheaper and better underground spaces

We have patented systems for substructure design and clay foundations

We make projects both viable and profitable to build

We provide problem solving tailored to each site

Our substructure designs :

Accelerate project dates by months

Reduce project costs for materials, formwork and holding costs 

Provide flexibility of construction at any time (off the critical path)

Provide best in class performance beneath the water table 

Eliminate anchoring, propping and sheet piling

Minimise construction footprint and solve access problems

Enable substructure use in sensitive locations

Border sensitive sites including Heritage buildings without damage

Can be offered as a Value Proposition for Value Engineering works

Our clay systems :

Eliminate foundation movements on clay without use of a stiffened raft

Remediate structural damage from clay movement permanently

Exceed Australian design codes for foundations

Reduce costs of foundations and formwork

Testimonial - Church House project

May I take this opportunity to thank you for your insight, knowledge and support during the design and installation of these works. As we are aware, this was not an easy build and your help to enable the construction of this basement "top / down" is immeasurable.

Brian Hamilton

Pact Construction